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IBAN to check: GB14CITI18500813261123


This IBAN has the correct length for this country (GB).


Bankleitzahl (bank code) 185008: This Bankleitzahl (bank code) is correct.


Account number 13261123: The account number contains a valid checksum.


IBAN GB14CITI18500813261123: The IBAN checksum is correct.


This is a valid IBAN.

IBAN: GB14CITI18500813261123   



Citibank NA
Citigroup Centre
Canada Square
Canary Wharf
London E14 5LB

SEPA Credit Transfer is supported.

SEPA Direct Debit is supported.

B2B is supported.

SEPA Instant Credit Transfer is not supported.

Data valid as of: 28. 8. 2020 (August 28, 2020).

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