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IBAN to check: DE81653619890001567004


This IBAN has the correct length for this country (Germany).


Bankleitzahl (bank code) 65361989: This Bankleitzahl (bank code) is correct.


Account number 0001567004: The account number contains a valid checksum. (Details)


IBAN DE81653619890001567004: The IBAN checksum is correct.


This is a valid IBAN.

IBAN: DE81653619890001567004   

BIC: GENODES1ONS (Albstadt)   

Bank: Onstmettinger Bank

Onstmettinger Bank eG
Heinrich-Heine-Straße 17
72461 Albstadt, Württ

SEPA Credit Transfer is supported.

SEPA Direct Debit is supported.

B2B is supported.

SEPA Instant Credit Transfer is supported.

Data valid as of: 1. 5. 2024 (May 1, 2024).

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